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Student Council


student council

Student Council Advisors

Julian Marchesano,

Natalie Smith


Rio Student Council 22-23

Learning Through Leadership

What is Student Council?

Student Council is a group of students who come up with ideas to make our school community better. Each member of Student Council gets the opportunity to actively participate in school-wide activities (Book Fair, Jump Rope for Heart, Spirit Days, Rocketwear sales, etc.), make decisions, and see democracy in action.

Who are the members of Student Council?

Each 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade class selects two classroom representatives. One representative is elected by the students in their classroom, and the other is appointed by the classroom teacher.  In addition, at least one teacher representative from each grade level, grades 3rd through 5th, serves as a Student Council Advisor. 

Where and when does Student Council meet?

The Student Council has traditionally met after school once a month. Meetings were previously held from 2:45 to 3:30pm.   A calendar with meeting dates will be distributed at the first meeting.  

2023-2024 Classroom Reps


Mrs. Gonzalez:

  • Ximena Garibay Tolento
  •  Eric Melendez Martinez

Mr. Madigan:

  • Jamier Brown
  • Alyson Jue

Mrs. Wilkey: 

  • Rayden Jordan Eda
  • Arya Rivera


Mrs. Anderson:

  • Nia Remy
  • Jaleel Zaffar

Mr. Marchesano:

  • Gianna Baglieri
  • Arabella Osornio


Mr. Moses:

  • Taniya George
  • Laloni Thomas

Mrs. Villar:

  • Inaaya Mustaq
  • Bianca Ream

Mrs. Gali:

  • Elian Diaz
  • Rosa Cruz Arebalo